Dear colleges in EPI, 

The EPI Board members are full of concern about what has been brought about by the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in the past week and how the people there are exposed to a constant threat and danger and have to suffer so much. It makes us so speechless, helpless and furious at the same time that we now have a war again in the middle of Europe. It is simply inconceivable for all of us what is happening these days. 

Our hearts are especially with our Ukrainian colleagues – candidates and members of the Ukrainian Study Group and their families, suffering from Russia’s military invasion. We hope that all those who are now in danger in Ukraine are protected and, above all remain protected. We also hope that all those on the refuge will soon find a safe place. Our thoughts are also with our EPI candidates and colleagues and their families in all countries. 

The psychoanalytic training at EPI is also affected by this war. Surely you are also asking yourselves how the training can continue. From today’s perspective, we will do all we can to offer seminars/lectures/offerings in the weeks and months ahead. Likewise, we hope to find a location this year where the 2022 Summer School can still take place.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We will try to support and help you.

In solidarity with all those in Ukraine, Russia, and other East-and West-European Countries and worldwide who stand for peace and the immediate end to this violence. One can find additional information about how we see the situation and how one can help at EPF (  and IPA ( websites.

With warm greetings: Members of the EPI Board