About Coronavirus

The current situation caused by the ongoing  coronavirus  crisis in Europe and world-wide remains a source of uncertainty for everyone and of course for the EPI trainees, whose training and everyday clinical practice has been disrupted in various ways.

In the light of this situation with much regret we have decided to postpone the launching of the TSR/E class till September 2020, although some additional on-line teaching courses might be organised earlier.     

We are well aware of that at this difficult moment, when normal travel and meetings are disrupted many of you are being faced with different challenging questions (like what should I do if I can’t travel to the city of my personal analysis, or that I have a fewer sessions with my analyst or analytic patient than it had been planned/required?) which at the moment, as it seems, have no immediate answers.  The EPI Board members are trying to explore those open questions and will continue to exchange views on these matters, but some of the answers should wait to the time when, hopefully, life and the Institute’s activities will have returned to some normality.

In the meantime, we all hope you and your families will remain well, and look forward to seeing you at our events in near future.

In the meantime we welcome the opportunity to discuss the current coronavirus crisis and its influence on our psychoanalytic work on the IPA website (https://www.ipa.world/de). This allows all of us to exchange views and experiences and to discuss the impact on our psychoanalytic work and psychoanalytic training with other colleagues around the world. It might be an opportunity for all of you to follow or participate in this discussion.

We wish all training candidates of our EPI Institute and their families that you get through this challenging time well. 

EPI Board and Staff