The Han Groen Prakken Institute – The European Psychoanalytic Institute (EPI) is a joint creation of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) and the European Psychoanalytical Federation (EPF).

Mission  of the EPI  is to complete the training started by the PIEE in countries of Eastern Europe, where psychoanalytic training was not available.  The EPI started its activities on 1st of January 2015 after the old PIEE was duly ended. The EPI is responsible for:

(a) completing the training started by the PIEE of about 70 Institute’s  Candidates;

(b) providing support to already existing in Europe  “Pre-Study Groups” to achieve the status of Study Groups;

(c) support of training in slowly developing countries;

(d) support to newly established Study Groups;

(e) continuing education of new members and international integration.

One of the EPI’s new priorities is promoting professional and educational integration of the Institute’s candidates, newly qualified members and young psychoanalytic groups of Eastern Europe with and into professional and scientific activities of the IPA and EPF.  The aim is to stimulate and support a cluster of cross-border events to overcome isolation of small groups, creating a net of international links and collaborations.

In the Board of Institute are:

Igor M. Kadyrov – Director;  imkadyrov@comtv.ru IgorK

Christoph Walker – Associate director for training (curriculum);  christoph.walker@t-online.de    Dr-Christoph-E-Walker-60-ist-niedergelassen-als-288009m

Endel Talvik  –  Associate director for training (seminars/schools); endeltalvik@gmail.com Endel-w



Svetlozar Vassilev – Ex-officio member of the Board, Co-chair for Eastern Europe of the IPA/ING Committee

Joëlle Picard EPF  liaison; joelle.picarlou@gmail.com

Tomas Kajokas – Memeber of Staff (TSR) kajokastomas@yahoo.com