Circular letter

International Psychoanalytical Association

European Psychoanalytic Federation



Dear colleagues – EPI candidates, registered analysands and members,

In this circular letter we would like to inform you about EPI events planned for 2016 and about some other pertinent issues which concern EPI activities and training.  Some aspects of these plans and the EPI’s work will be further discussed at the Board’s meeting to take place on April 9-10, 2016.

1.The EPI 2nd Annual School – 2016.   We are very pleased to confirm that the EPI second “integration” annual School will be taking place in Austria, in Semmering, from 18th (arrival) till 24th (departure) of September, 2016.   This School is being organized by the EPI together with the Vienna Psychoanalytical Society (WPV) in collaboration with the Vienna Psychoanalytic Association (WPG). The School will be held in a picturesque small mountain town of Semmering, in an old historical hotel, where at different times quite a few of prominent figures and protagonists of the Austrian Belle Époque were staying: among them composers Gustav Mahler and Arnold Schönberg, writer Arthur Schnitzler, artist Oskar Kokoschka and last but not least – the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. One of the Freud’s early cases, a case of his “initial” psychoanalytic interview with a girl who in “Studies of hysteria” he called Katharina took place in the Eastern Alps, not far away from the spot. The theme of the School will be “Initiating Psychoanalysis”. And we are going to tackle this theme from different perspectives. We believe the School with everyday plenary lectures and invited discussions, parallel discussion and clinical groups, special workshops, a film screening and discussion, as well as other interesting social events will become a further step in building bridges and maintaining constructive dialogue between different psychoanalytic cultures. It will be an excellent opportunity for exchange, debates and for learning about and from a deeply rooted in history and dynamically developing psychoanalytic culture of contemporary Austria and, of course, of learning from each other, from our differences as well as from our shared ideas and grounds.

As usually we anticipate a heavy demand for places from potentially interested participants belonging to different European Societies and Study Groups. For this reason and also because the annual School is now the only meeting point for the EPI candidates, registered analysands and members with the Institute’s board and faculty you are strongly recommended not only to reserve the dates, but also to book your place quickly after you receive the information letter from the School’s organizing committee.


  1. TSR-D. The fourth class – class D of TSR (Teaching Seminar in Russian) was successfully launched on the 27th-28th of February, 2016 in Vilnius. Over 30 participants from Belarus, Ukraine, St.Petersburg, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova have been registered for the class. The second set of seminars is due to take place on the 7th – 8th of May, 2016 in Vilnius. The third set of seminars will take place in Semmering, on the 24th -25th of September, immediately after the School. We will inform the participants about the dates and venues of the following TSR-D meetings in 2016-2017 as soon as possible.
  2. Clarification regarding requirements for supervision of the candidates’ control cases.

Since many candidates, especially those who have been interviewed and admitted for training recently (in Iseo 2015 or later) as well as those who had been interviewed and admitted earlier, but are only now going to start their control cases under supervision, repeatedly ask the EPI Board to clarify the frame for supervision required by the Institute, our firm recommendation is to closely observe the following rules, now implemented by Institute:

  1. Supervisor should be an officially recognized as a training and supervising analyst of his or her IPA Society;
  2. Control cases should be conducted with minimum 4 sessions per week on the couch (at least during the major part of the treatment)
  3. Supervision sessions should take place on the every week basis.
  4. Control cases should not be started before the Candidate’s official enrolment for an IPA-ING recognized program of regular theoretical and clinical seminars (TSR or its equivalent).


  1. Annual Reports All EPI candidates and registered analysands who have not yet sent their regular annual reports for the year 2015 (informing about all updates and pertinent details or changes regarding their training – training analysis, supervisions, seminars, interviews, TSRs, ect.) are requested to do so no later than 2nd of April 2016, by writing to Cristoph E. Walker – EPI associate director for training – , copying Endel Talvik and Igor M. Kadyrov –
  2. Appointment of a new member of the Staff of the EPI. The EPI Board appointed Tomas Kajokas as a new member of the EPI Staff. His role among other different tasks will be coordination of the TSR-D program.
  3. EPF Award 2016. It is a our pleasure to inform you that at the EPF Annual conference “¿Authority?” in Berlin, 18-20.03.2016 Paolo Fonda received the EPF Award – 2016 for his outstanding contribution to the development of psychoanalysis in Europe. Indeed, as the EPF president Serge Frisch elegantly put it at the award ceremony: “Paolo Fonda is an authority without any question mark”. Our warmest congratulations to Paolo!


Members of the EPI Board and Staff:

Igor M. Kadyrov – Director;

Christoph Walker – Associate director for training (individual curriculum);    

Endel Talvik  – Associate director for training (seminars and finance)

Paolo Fonda –  IPA liaison;  

Eva Schmid-Gloor – EPF liaison;

Tomas Kajokas – Member of the Staff;