Group-analytic seminar in Italy (Letter from Paolo)


Dear Colleague,

Here is the leaflet of the ALI Conference,


which seems to me extremely interesting because of the high level of the Conference and also because usually we analysts are not enough informed about group psychoanalytic dynamic, especially for those concerning, besides a wider social environment, also institutional life. And we know how many problems hinder the activity of psychoanalytic institutions. Please, let members of your Society know about this event.

There are some bursaries. Those who will get them will have to pay just their flight and the full board at the hotel where the meeting will take place (the full board is 365 Euro).

Who intends to use bursary must apply to the Administrators, Daniela Cabibbe and Rosanna Rulli, by December 15th, filling in the online form available on:

Those who will be accepted will be then soon informed.

Warm greetings,