Project Fund

International Psychoanalytical Association

European Psychoanalytical Federation

European Psychoanalytic Institute


Igor M. Kadyrov – Director;                          Christoph Walker – Associate director;    

Endel Talvik – Associate director;                            Paolo Fonda – IPA liaison;

Eva Schmid-Gloor – EPF liaison;




The EPI manages the Project Fund. Its purpose is to support and finance the best teaching projects for EPI and Study Group Candidates’ training, permanent education of Members, international integration.

The aim is to stimulate and support the growth of a cluster of cross-border events to overcome the isolation of new small groups and foster a net of international links and collaborations.

Every year Study Groups or groups of EPI Members and Candidates, may submit projects, concerning teaching for candidates’ training, permanent education of members and international integration. Projects may be done in collaboration with IPA Provisional or Component Societies.

The EPI examines them and chooses the ones to be supported and financed. Preconditions are that projects must be non-profit based, teachers or paper presenters must be IPA Members and should teach for free (while travel and subsistence is reimbursed). EPI financing must not exceed 50% of the total project budget.

Projects should not have just outreach aims and should involve more than one country and society/group.

Projects must be sent to the EPI Director not later than the 31 October 2015 and must be planned to be realised not later than the end of December 2016. (Igor M. Kadyrov

After a first evaluation of the projects, the Board may propose some modifications, which could increase the possibility to get final approval. As the available funds are limited, not all projects will be financed, but will be approved those who will be closer to the Project Fund aims.

May 2015