The 7th Annual Integration School of the EPI. July 7-15 2023, Budapest, Hungary

We invite all our students to the 7th and last psychoanalytical summer school in Budapest, Hungary. The school will take place in the Hotel Novotel.

The school will start for the TSR participants with arrival on the 06 of July.

The main school starts with the arrival on the 09 of July.

The school will end on the 15th of July.

The topic of the school will be “Sincerity/Honesty” and will be organised in collaboration with the Hungarian Psychoanalytical Society.

Registration is possible at the web page:

Igor M Kadyrov (Director of the EPI)

Christoph E.Walker (Associate Director)

Endel Talvik (Associate Director)

Joëlle Picard (Ex-officio Board member, liaison with EPF) 

Svetlozar Vassilev – Ex-officio member of the Board, Co-chair for Eastern Europe of the IPA/ING Committee)

Tomas Kajokas (Staff Member)