EPI school September 2020

“An art of interpretation: what,

when and where?”

Postponement of the EPI Annual School 2020

Dear colleagues,

With regret we decided to postpone the EPI Annual School which had been planned for this year to take place in Budva from 20th till 26th of September 2020. In the meantime, the EPI Board has been carefully observing and exploring the situation, considering different optional scenarios, including cancelation, postponement or proceeding with the normal format. But finally, in the light of the up-to-date state of affairs   advice and remaining till present regulations for travel and indoors meetings in Montenegro, we realised it would be impossible for us to gather at Slovenska Plaza in the three-week time.

We explored the possibility of offering a Zoom School, but had to agree that it could not be a satisfactory solution, because each EPI Annual Integration School has been a complex and tightly intertwined compound of not only a full five day intense scientific/clinical and social/cultural program, but also of dozens related to and essential for  training meetings, monitoring and progression interviews, qualification  evaluations  and monitoring interviews, etc, that would be hardly possible to organize without a personal presence as it has been normally required.

For these reasons we agreed to postpone the Budva School-2020 for one year, with the idea that in 2021, when hopefully life and travel have returned to some normality, we will try organize two separate Schools – the regular Annual School-2021 and the postponed for 2021 “Budva” School.

We are aware that some of the EPI candidates and registered analysands are still waiting for their progression (admission, monitoring and final qualification) interviews and apologize this has organizing it will be taking longer than anticipated. We will inform about some possible options where and when some of the interviews could take place as soon as that would be possible. 

At the same time, we are pleased that the track on Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis (CAP), which had been planned by the CODECAP for the registered students of the EPI CAP training program to take place during the Budva School, will be offered on Zoom from the 21st till the 24th of September 2020 (link to the website page with the program).

In addition on the 19th of September 2020, we are going to offer a half-day “spin-off” from the rich Budva School’s core-program on the subject “An Art of Interpreting: What, Where and When”, which will be devoted to listening and discussion of the Eike Hinze’s plenary paper “Envy: Mortal Sin or Psychological Phenomenon to be Interpreted?”. This interesting spin-off event will be offered on Zoom (the exact timetable is to be announced) and requires preliminary registration. If you are interested to participate, please send your requests for registration to Endel Talvik – endeltalvik@gmail.com

With best wishes

Igor M Kadyrov (Director of the EPI), Endel Talvik (Associate Director), Christoph E.Walker (Associate Director), Joëlle Picard (Ex-officio Board member, liaison with EPF)  , Gabor Szonyi (Ex-officio Board  member, liaison with IPA-ING)  , Tomas Kajokas (Staff Member)